Kelly Ripa’s Favorite Wrinkle Cream She Uses Instead of ‘Botox’!

Kelly Ripa is a household name. Whether you know her from her days on All My Children or you’re a fan of her dancer moves, the name rings a bell. Dance Party USA, anyone? It’s pretty hard to escape her talent, reach, or beauty.

The working mom of three always manages to look fabulous, too. The 46 year-old beauty is radiant and glowing whenever we see her. And yes, you read that right. She’ll be 47 this November… can you believe it? Neither can we. Fortunately, the actress doesn’t keep her secrets hidden too far below her surface.

Beauty Secrets

Kelly divulged that she’s a big fan of whatever comes free in those wonderful cosmetic give-aways. When she’s not trying out those kinds of products, the star is a big fan of Rose Salve balm. It’s gained a lot of spotlight – between Ripa and Beyonce’s rave reviews, who wouldn’t want to try it? She aims to look fresh, bright, and young. This usually means rocking the no-makeup  makeup look.

Kelly Ripa Workout Plan

How does the crazy-busy talk show host keep her figure? By combining a variety of workouts to keep her slim and dancer-lean. Kelly uses Pilates, dance-cardio, and a workout by Anna Kaiser. This workout combines strength training with toning exercises and flexibility training. Anna Kaiser has helped to develop workout routines and fitness regimens for Sofia Vergara, Sarah Jessica Parker and Shakira. It’s all about some interval training.

Before working out with the expertise of Anna Kaiser, Ripa worked with the Tracy Andersen method. This method has been featured with other celebrities like JLo. Who wouldn’t want to try something that helped these babes get in shape?

Kelly is in the gym five days a week for at least one to two hours per gym session. These sessions can burn up to 1200 calories at a wack! Her trainer assures us the workout is effective because it’s non-stop circuit training, meaning that there aren’t a lot of rest periods. Besides, pair the circuit training with some dance and it’ll be hard to convince yourself you’re working out!

“I love the dance class,” says Ripa, “Because I think I’ve aged out of going clubbing, really, that’s my nightclub. Everybody there is my age, so it’s like a bunch of us old ladies working out.”

Kelly Ripa Diet

Though she will use an alkaline cleanse which lasts for seven days, her diet isn’t terribly strict on a regular basis.

“I do make a lot of Italian food,” Kelly says. Even so, she’s a big fan of simple ingredients and  “If I’m having a sliced chicken breast, I’d put it on a bed of simple sautéed spinach with a little bit of lemon and olive oil. I’m not too big on sauces. I just want the taste of the food.”

Kelly admits to a few dietary weaknesses, too. “I will never give up cheese,” She says. That’s fair. We probably wouldn’t either. Her favorite snacks to keep on hand are Goldfish and Girl Scouts’ Samoas. For a sweet breakfast treat or dessert, Ripa will mix pistachios and blueberries into her favorite Fage Greek yogurt. “It’s my dessert, my breakfast, anything!”

Hey, we’ll have whatever she’s having because this woman’s diet works.

Wrinkle Cream

Out of all the research we did, we find the most important thing Kelly Ripa does ever night is use the Kelly Ripa Wrinkle Remover Cream. She says her celebrity dermatologist recommended the product to her because of her fear of needles and wow does it work great.

Jennifer Aniston Anti Aging Wrinkle Cream Versus Cosmetic Surgery

Nowadays, we have specialized cosmetic surgeries that are more affordable than ever. They also have a lot of benefits and they can help you get the look you really want instantly. Everyone is talking about the benefits and the safety. Surgeons claim that their procedures are completely safe and that there won’t be any complications. This is a simple lie that is used to promote their business, nothing more. Just as an example, breast implants cause loss of sensation in the nipples in 15% cases, but nobody will tell you that. The situation is the same with beauty surgery and here are some risks.

A hematoma is a small or medium sized pocket of blood that occurs in 5% of cases. It must be drained, which involves another, small surgery. Keep in mind that this is a dangerous issue that should be solved as soon as possible. Each procedure increases the risk of nerve damage. If we know that there are millions of nerves in the face, each surgery is more than just dangerous.

Infections may occur also. Some may be minor and cured in a matter of days, but others will demand IV antibiotics, which makes them extremely severe. Note: Severe infections happen in 3% of people after a surgery.

Hypertrophic scarring is the biggest problem of them all. It is a huge and elevated scar, typically red in color. It may occur after each surgery and it will have to be reduced by another procedure.

Anti-aging creams celebrity use

Now we have come to the anti aging creams. There are millions of products on the market, so which one to use? The first aspect you should take into account is the effect that particular cream will have. Let’s look at Jennifer Aniston anti aging wrinkle cream and how this beautiful star looks. She is 47 years old, but she looks more beautiful than ever. The secret is in the anti aging cream she uses.

This is the main and the most important sign you should look for. If she can have a perfect skin, you can have it as well. The procedure is simple and all you have to do is to apply it to the skin 15 minutes after going to bed.

If you try to avoid complications and side effects as more as possible, you should know that this cream doesn’t cause any. It is simply effective in 99% cases and there are no complications to the skin nor the skin color.

How is this possible? The secret is in the ingredients and the proportions. For example, most creams have all needed ingredient, but they are not mixed in suitable proportions. As such, they are not useful. In order to maximize the effect, all-natural ingredients are a perfect addition. They make the cream safer, pleasant to use and they make the results last longer.

Don’t think that an anti aging cream is a slow solution. You will need a month to recover from a surgery, but complete improvement with the anti aging cream is seen after 2 weeks.